Traditional Dalmatian food

    Traditional Dalmatian food

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    If you are one of the persons who google about food from the destination you are planning to visit, or just a fellow who travels to discover ( inter alia) gastro scene and food from all around the world, then you have to read this lines! Because, after you search a little bit about Dalmatia, it is time to learn and remember what a traditional dalmatian food actually is. And what kind of plates hides a traditional dalmatian cuisine, either we talk about street food or a la carte restaurants.

    Taverns and local restaurants first!

    If you are searching where to eat in Split and looking for an unforgettable dining experience eating traditional Dalmatian food, the best possible place will be a tavern or a small local restaurant. Tavern (in Croatian konoba) offers you a carefully selected menu with daily fresh fish, traditional local food, Croatian BBQ, steaks and fisherman’s snacks. Top-quality local wines paired with the wide choice of fresh seafood, grill specialities, BBQ steaks or traditional dishes menu, will tell you the story of Dalmatian history and lifestyle.
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    The selection of around fifty Croatian wines you will find at Diocletian's Wine House and for example the Roman emperor menu.

    Croatia is

    8th country in the world

    with the most indigenous grape sorts . There are around 130 grape sorts that originate from Croatia, but only around 30 indigenous sorts are cultivated today and most of them are from the region of Dalmatia.
    Everybody knows that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world, and in this case, healthy doesn’t mean boring and bland. Dalmatian cuisine includes the best Mediterranean recipes with a lot of fish, vegetables and olive oil with a sense of Dalmatia added. Simply ingredients are combined into most delicious dishes which are a flawless blend of traditional and modern cuisine. When we say modern, it refers to some new plate decoration and spices, trends but not ingredients. Traditional Dalmatian food has to stay traditional and we're trying to keep that on our mind during every guest's order at the restaurant. Good example is Dalmatian Peka.
    Inevitable condiments that give this Dalmatian food its unforgettable taste are rosemary, basil and other Mediterranean herbs. Traditional dalmatian food is not only light and healthy but also extremely delicious. Although sometimes similar to the cuisine of neighbouring Mediterranean countries, the coastal cuisine of Croatia has many dishes that are unique only to this geographical region.

    What traditional dalmatian food should you start with, and continue?

    So, let’s start with snacks and starters, which during hot days can be your main course.
    O yes, we know you are as stunned as the rest of tourists who try for the first time these starters . But, we have to go further with the main courses of traditional dalmatian food!
    Grilled fish can be the jackpot to your palates! All restaurants on the coast serve this dish. Even though it doesn’t sound like anything special, if you think about that the fish is fresh and delivered to the restaurant by the fisherman himself, later it is seasoned with locally made olive oil and herbs and then expertly grilled, it really is tempting.
    Black Risotto This traditional dalmatian food, an authentic dish got the name from the cuttlefish ink which paints it in black colour. Even if it is black, it is believed to be a natural antidepressant so enjoy the dish with the big smile on your face. Usually every restaurant has it in their offer.
    Brudet - A sea stew made with all sorts of seafood and fish, cooked with some quality wine. Simple ingredients with a special, and secret way of cooking will make you think of how could you live without it until now.

    Pašticada It is not all about fish and seafood, Dalmatians are also experts in preparing meat. This dish is all about marinated beef stuffed with bacon and carrots, enriched with wine and cooked for at least 6 hours. It is usually reserved for some special occasions.

    Peka - Prepared in a fireplace, it is a traditional cooking method under an iron dome covered with embers. It also takes a couple of hours to finish it but it is worth the wait. Octopus or lamb, or veal, are the most popular choices for peka.

    To find a great combination of food experience and other activities visit unique site of Split attractions.

    Sweets for the end & to remember

    fritule dalmatian sweets

    Fritule (fritters)

    If you have a sweet tooth, this is for you. It is a Croatian festive dessert that looks like mini delicious warm doughnuts. Warning: they are highly addictive! Usually, Dalmatian mums prepare it for Christmas time, or birthdays or any other happy family occasions. On the street you will see stands with fritule, so you can order some covered with chocolate dark or white, or just a pinch of icing sugar.


    Also included in the list of Croatian heritage dishes, it is a custard pudding that is similar to creme caramel. A hint of lemon gives it a special flavour. It is not so easy to find a place where you can taste it, but if you are truly gastro lover we’re sure you will find a way!
    Some of these meals you can go and choose by yourself with a little help of our guide, on our very popular Split Culinary Tour, and the chef of Diocletian's Wine House will prepare it just for you at this special restaurant. Location of the restaurant is 1700 years old, it is actually in the wall of Diocletian palace, so don’t think too much! Book your the best culinary experience ever!
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