Book Split Wine Tasting

Book Split Wine Tasting

Price: 150kn

Want to give in to some authentic Dalmatian hedonism? Split wine tasting tour is just what you’re looking for! Diocletian Wine House gives you a chance to taste the best wines in the Split area. But in the original environment! Imagine tasting the best wines Split has to offer in the center of the Diocletian’s Palace. In the old Roman stone streets, right where the old Roman food center used to be. What are you still waiting for :)?

Have a taste of the true Dalmatian hedonism

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Wine&Food tasting in the 1700 years old Palace…

To experience local history and the true local spirit you have to use all of your senses.

To smell, to taste and to observe 101 shade of red is to cover most of your senses with the same mind opening liquid as most of the locals do.

Diocletian wine house offers you the unique selection of 101 top of the class Croatian wines.

Wait There’s More!

Staying in Split for a couple of days? Great! You can combine the Split Wine Tasting with other tours in our offer like the Split Walking Tour! take the tour and explore the old part of the city and the world famous Diocletian’s Palace!

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