Enjoy traditional Peka

Peka menu at the Diocletian Wine House restaurant in Split!

A perfect balance of all the best that Dalmatia can offer on just one plate. It is a combination of meat, vegetables, dalmatian herbs and a little bit of love baked on cinder, under the iron pot, covered with ash which gives remarkable scent to this meal.

A baking meat, seafood and veggies under an iron cover, covered with ash, are done with a  rare cooking method found in Dalmatia. Any kind of meat and vegetables can be placed in a tray and we offer the most delicious versions: peka with veal ad peka with octopus. Both octopus and veal really turn delicate and tasty, while the vegetables become especially sweet and tasty.


The sauce is appetizing and served with bread baked also under an iron lid. After placing the plate in a fireplace, the lid is then covered with embers. It takes two hours for Peka to be prepared. However, after about an hour, meat is turned. That’s also when the spices are added (mix of honey and cognac with dalmatian herbs).

Diocletian’s Wine house is one of the rare restaurants in Split, where you can try traditional Peka.

Find out more about peka on a separate tastepeka.com website, or book your perfect meal here!

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